About Us

Our Charity 
We are a non profit organization partnered with Commit2Change to provide education to underprivileged orphan girls in India! 
Our Story
Hi, thanks for stopping by! When I was 15, I took a tour around India and saw the unfortunate realities many young girls faced in the country. After speaking to locals, they explained that having a girl in India was a burden for many families. Having a boy for many families was ideal which resulted in many girls being abandoned by their families for reasons ranging from financial problems to a general feeling of disappointment that they had a girl. Later, I learned that abandonment serves as a catalyst for more abuse. Abandonment would force these girls into horrible lives filled with prostitution, abuse in many forms, a lack of money, hunger, and numerous other problems. As I went back to our hotel I sat down and googled the truths regarding what these poor girls experienced. I observed horrific facts on the screen in front of me. I sat there reading these crazy percentages about abuse, abandonment, and lack of education. I knew that everything on the internet could not be trusted but what I did know was that there was a problem with the treatment of young girls in India and I could do something about it. 
On that trip, as our family was sightseeing a little girl approached us. She was around 3-5 years old if I had to guess and she simply stared at us with her big eyes. Although our guides strictly told us not to talk to any young girl as they were simply "ploys to get money," we decided to ask what her name was. She replied that her name was "Sonam" and shortly after her mother came along to greet us. Our guide warned us not to give her money as the children would not keep the money, instead, their parents or people who made them go beg would take the money. Despite this warning, we still felt compelled to give this girl something to ease her troubled life. We ended up giving her 500 INR and said goodbye. But after a few seconds a swarm of children approached us. Before we knew it there were dozens of children begging for money and soon adults came too. We were quickly forced back into our rickshaws and left everyone but Sonam empty-handed. I sat there watching all these kids my age and younger desperate for money whether it was to get food or to support their families. I had a feeling of guilt pour into me knowing that I could help these kids but I was not allowed to. As I sat on our tour bus I reflected eager to do something about what I had just seen and all the stories that I had heard. I knew that I wanted to change lives even if it meant just doing so one at a time. That is when I thought of EMPOW3R: the world's first clothing line that provides orphan girls in India with the education they deserve. I chose to support orphan girls because they are the most vulnerable for 3 reasons 1. They are young women 2. They do not have anyone to defend them 3. They do not have an education. If these girls received an adequate education they could support themselves and their families in the future. We have just embarked on our journey I hope you can spread what we stand for!
Our Brand!
The EMPOW3R website officially launched in April 2020. EMPOW3R means more than just to give power. Our name has 3 meanings related to the 3 in our name, 1. our 3 reasons stated "in our story" 2. third world women 3. These orphan girls in their society are viewed as third-class citizens. The deep meaning inside our name is what we are all about! We want to empower these young orphan girls to become independent and powerful women so that they can be the change in the society around them and to save them from the complications of the streets they grow up on. Our apparel is sleek, stylish, comfortable and 100% percent of profits from each product give an orphan girl education. Our mission is to spread the truths about what these orphan girls face while directly changing their lives through education. We believe that as humans our mission is to live, give and learn. Furthermore, we believe that the best gift to give is education. So help us fulfill our mission and change a girl's life. We donate our profits to Commit2Change. You have the opportunity to empower, change a life!