Crimes Against Women in India

Sadly in many countries, there are crimes committed against women. One of these countries is India, and it’s not only a few crimes (even if it were a few it wouldn’t be right) it’s multiple. Some of these crimes include murder, acid throwing, and domestic violence.

In India, innocent women are murdered or become suicidal because of harassment due to dowry. A dowry is a payment made in cash or kind to a bride’s in-laws at the time of her marriage. Dowry has become illegal in India since 1961 but it still happens. Fortunately, reports of dowry cases have decreased in the past couple of years. Dowry used to cause women to be killed if they didn’t agree with paying what was agreed on. If a bride didn’t agree to the dowry, some people would see this as disrespect and judge the bride. A women's family or even strangers would harass these brides or women who wouldn’t agree to a dowry. 

Women are also murdered for other things such as witchcraft. In India, woman are still murder if they are thought to be witches. Women more likely to be murdered due to witchcraft are the poor or widows.

Acid throwing is also common in India. Hundreds of cases of acid throwing are reported every year. Acid throwing is used as a weapon against women. They are used in most cases against women. Women are targeted by their fathers, delusional lovers, and people who want revenge against certain families. Women are mostly the targets even when acid throwing is used as a weapon against families.

Other violence against Indian women include domestic violence, sexual violence, and sadly there are more. Women in India are abused by their partners physically and mentally. Some women are abused many hours out of the 24 that are in a day. Sometimes their only escape is when they are away at work, or when their abusive partner or family member is away for work. These were just some of the crimes against women that take place in India. By reading this I hope you have become more informed about some of the problems taking place in India. An out for women in education. Education enables women to support themselves and their future families. 

By Katherine Fuentes

Revised by: Rayyan Ahmed


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