Harsh Realties of Bengalese Women


Yesterday as I was falling asleep I got an email from Quora. I frequently get these emails and like to read whatever the email has in it. They often have short anecdotes or stories that are quite interesting. The question on the post I read yesterday was "What is something you wish you had told someone when you had the chance." I clicked on the link and saw a response with 2.5 million views and over 19 thousand likes. I was eager to see what made this story so interesting. As I began to read and my heart sunk, a woman by the name of Waheda Islam shared the gruesome experiences she had witnessed throughout her life. As I clicked on her profile I read some of her other responses and learned that she had grown up in Bangladesh. In all of her stories, it was quite evident that females and other "weak" minorities were significantly oppressed. Her courage and devotion to spill her stories online empowered me and made me eager to bring light and attention to these women around the world.  Her stories depicted young women being abused, married, and sold to older men. These women that she wrote about had zero power; they were viewed almost like property. These women had no money, no education, no happiness, and worst of all their lives were controlled by a backward society. I have attached the link to her tales down below. I have shared how I feel about her life but Ms. Islam truly poured her heart and exposed the horrid realities of her life in Bangladesh. I am shortly planning on contacting her and hope to hear more of what she has experienced. In the meantime, I encourage you to read what she has posted. Thank you for reading and continue to empower!



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